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The following harps are available to purchase or rent, and listed by their current owners who are members of our Chapter. Prices are set by individual owners, and not by the Greater Seattle Chapter of the American Harp Society. All purchase and rental agreements are made between the seller and interested party.



Pedal Harps


For Sale

Lyon and Healy Style 23. Ebony and bronze finish. Pedal Harp. Located in Renton, WA.

Asking price is $18,000 as is; requires regulation and new strings. To inquire, contact


For Sale

Lyon & Healy Style 17. Walnut with custom gold leaf finish. One of a kind 90th Anniversary edition.

Asking price is $22,000. Email Laraine Claire for additional details or call 360-775-9774. Listen to a recording of “Ascension”, an original piece recorded on this harp.


For Sale

Salvi ‘Diana’ with dust cover and 3-piece transport cover. Soundboard in Fiemme Valley red spruce. Last regulated 18 months ago. Perfect condition. Located at University of Puget Sound. Asking $19,000.

Contact Zoe at


For Sale

Lyon & Healy style 15. Lovingly cared for by the original owner for 30 years. Located in Poulsbo, WA. The harp has matured with wonderful tone qualities. It comes with a fabric cover, strings, music, wood music stand, tuner, and cart. Contact Kathy Odell at (206) 769-6160 or email

Asking $11,000.00.

Wurlitzer harp.jpg

For Rent

Wurlitzer Orchestra model E harp. Just got it back. Big warm tone. From 6th octave F to 1st octave F. Concert spacing. Has been fully regilded. Covers and tuning key. $120 per month plus tax. Please contact Marian Sussman at 206-290-8192 or at


For Rent

Salvi Daphne 40 string electro acoustic Walnut harp. Two piece transport cover and tuning key. $115 plus tax. Will be available in early June. Contact Marian Sussman at 206-290-8192 or

Venus Traditional-Sussman.jpg

For Rent

Venus Traditional Harp, with transport cover and tuning key. Large oversize semi-grand from low C to high F. $125 plus tax. Will be available in June. Contact Marian Sussman at 206-290-8192 or


Lever Harps


For Sale

38-string Salvi Egan harp, pick-ups installed for amplification, extra strings, lever regulation tool kit. $4600. Possibly includes harp carrier. Email Philip Mooney at In-person transactions only.


For Sale

Camac "Korrigan" 38-string Lever Harp. Like new condition. Comes with a red dust cover and tuning key. Excellent student harp with the same string spacing and tension as a pedal harp. $3500 OBO. Located in Tacoma. Contact Susan Haas at 253-222-3267 or


For Rent

Dusty Strings “Allegro” 26-string, partial levers (Cs and Fs). 48” tall with legs on. Good beginner harp. Comes with 8” legs and tuning key. $30/month, 4 month minimum rental. Located in Tacoma, WA. Contact Susan Haas at (253) 222-3267 or

Troubador harp-Sussman.jpg

For Rent

Lyon & Healy Troubadour IV harp. Loveland levers. Great sounding harp. Cover and tuning key. $65 plus tax. Contact Marian Sussman at 206-290-8192 or

Caswell harp-Sussman.jpg

For Rent

Caswell walnut 31 string Gaelic harp with a spruce sounding board. Nice sound. Blade levers on all strings. $40 plus tax. Contact Marian Sussman at 206-290-8192 or


For Rent

Dusty Strings Allegro 26 in walnut with levers on F and C strings. Exceptional harp that comes with a case and key. $30 per month. Contact Susan McLain at (206) 354-1059 or email

Susan McClain-Triplett harp.jpg

For Rent

Triplett maple 30-string folk harp, similar to Axline 30. Fully levered, excellent condition, excellent tone. $35 per month. Contact Susan McLain at (206) 354-1059 or email



Harp Dealers and Resources

Austin Harp Arts

Alison Austin of Austin Harp Arts in Edmonds, WA offers instruction, workshops, repairs, and maintains a showroom of harps for sale. Inquiries? Contact directly at (206) 817-8444 or


For Sale

Lyon & Healy Concert Grand, Style 23 pedal harp. Comes with bench and stand. Restrung and regulated in 2018. Price $12,500.


For Sale

New Chicago 47-string pedal harp, mahogany, newly regulated. Excellent condition. $11,900.


For Sale

Lyon & Healy Chicago 40 pedal harp. Certified pre-owned in excellent condition with great sound. $9750. Two-year warranty.


For Sale

Lyon & Healy Style 85 Concert Grand pedal harp. Built in 1988. This harp has a rich and powerful sound. It is a wonderful harp for student to professional. $16,500.


For Sale

Salvi Daphne 40-strings. Pistachio finish, crazed because of exposure to weather. This little harp has a great sound and is perfect as an economy harp for anyone. $5500.


For Sale

Prelude 38-string lever harp. Lovely sound, re-strung and just regulated. Price $3450.


The Enchanted Harp

The Enchanted Harp in Puyallup, WA offers instruments for sale on consignment and rentals in addition to sheet music, strings, and accessories. Pedal harps are featured below, but additional lever harps available. Inquiries? Contact directly at (253) 770-0550 or


For Sale

Lyon & Healy Style 17 Gold 46-strings.  Comes with padded case.  Rebuilt neck, new mechanism, and new strings.  Mature, rich sound and very attractive to look at. Asking $10,500.


For Sale

Venus 'Encore' 46-strings.  Comes with padded case, dolly, and adjustable padded bench.  Regulated December 2016, and given new strings.  Excellent condition. Asking price is $13,500.


For Sale

Camac Athena straight soundboard 47-strings, natural blonde finish, made in 2009.  Comes with padded cover, dolly, and bench.  In ‘like new’ condition. Asking $13,500.


For Sale

Camac Clio straight soundboard 44-strings, mahogany finish, made in 1998.  Comes with a padded case.  Fantastic wood grain, great harp for gigs. Asking $9,800, but other offers will be considered.


For Sale

Camac "Mademoiselle" lever harp. 40-strings and in excellent "like new" condition. 62.5" height. 48 lbs. Concert spacing and tension. Excellent for the aspiring young harpist. Mahogany finish. Made in 2015. $4700. Comes with a harp stool and dust cover.


For Sale

Hidden Valley “Minuet” lever harp. 47-strings. Beautiful condition. Includes harp cover. $4,395.


For Sale

Stoney End “Evensong” lap harp. 26-strings with full levers. Cherry finish. Includes padded case, stand, and strap. On sale for $1,395.

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